Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I've told you about the women's bible study group I've become involved with but I can't stress enough just how wonderful I find each of these girls to be. They're all very different and all have their own opinions and takes on life, but the hour on Tuesdays that I spend with them has become one of the best parts of my week by far. Because I feel so blessed to have found such incredible women to become friends with, below I will share with you some tidbits of wisdom from them.

"How often do we look for happiness around the next corner, over the next hill or on the other side of the next valley and end up missing the happiness on the next corner, going over the next hill or through the next valley?"

"I don't like the word contentment. Why should I settle to just be content with my life? I want joy."

"You'll never regret doing the right thing."

"Enjoy today, and every day, for what it is. Maybe this isn't what you think you want, or where you think you want to be at this point in your life; but maybe this is what you need. And once this day is gone, you will never get it back."

"You can't control how your parents raised you, You can't control how people treat you and you can't control the way other people act. But you can control you. You can look at your past and say, 'Yes, that was bad and unfair and horrible. But I'm going to choose to be happy anyway."

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