Monday, February 8, 2010

History Has Been Made

That's right, Sports fans. Last night the New Orleans Saints made NFL history by winning the superbowl for the very first time in their long and checkered history.
I'm not sure there are words I could use to make you understand how the city of New Orleans feels right now. I'm not a native so I can't comment with 100% certainty on this but I think its fair to say that nothing has ever united the people of the city quite like this win has. Yes, it's cliche but the air literally feels electrified right now. I was in the French Quarter yesterday afternoon before the game and it was essentially like being at the biggest street party you can possibly imagine. Thousands upon thousands of people were out, all wearing their black and gold, and all feverishly chanting Saints cheers. You could hear the calls of "WHO DAT?!?" echoing from several blocks away and every single store front and restaurant had Saints music blaring from inside. If you watched the after show at all last night you probably saw a shot of the madness that was Bourbon Street. I'm told it was crazier down there last night than the most out of control Mardi Gras has ever even thought about being...which I'd imagine is saying a lot.
On a personal note, I am so happy for the people of New Orleans right now. Yes, I've become a bit of a Saints fan since moving to NOLA but it just warms my heart a little to see the people here so excited and so proud of something. They have wanted this for so, so long and its wonderful to see it finally happen for them.

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