Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Man, I love airports.

I'm being dead serious, I really do love them. I think it goes back to my love of travel and my need to be on the go but anytime I'm at an airport I feel like I'm about to go on vacation and that just makes me happy. Put me in an airport and I can seriously entertain myself for roughly three days before I get bored. I love the gift shops that are the same in every airport just with a different city name on the t-shirt. I love the random junk food choices (Cinnabon anyone?). I love the people watching.

So on my way back to NOLA Monday I had to fly through Memphis. I'd never been to the Memphis airport before and lemme just say, I don't especially care to ever go back there. Sorry Memphis, but your airport was pretty crappy. Even New Orleans is cleaner (I felt like I needed to bathe in Clorox when I finally got out of there) and everything was sort of old and broken down. Do I sound like an airport snob? I don't think I am but seriously, Memphis, get your act together. Even when something is old there's no excuse for it being completely trashed and dirty and not taken care of.

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