Monday, March 15, 2010

SEC Champs

Did you all watch the game yesterday? Did anyone else squeal like a little girl when that whole Bledsoe-free-throw-Wall-rebound-Cousins-put-back play went down?? Cause I definitely did and I'm not one bit ashamed to admit it either. Demarcus Cousins, you are my new hero. The championship was the only game of the tournament I actually got to see and good Lord did it nearly give me a heart attack because it certainly wasn't pretty there at the end...but the Cats held on and really, that's what matters anyway.

Know what else? They're playing the first two rounds of the tournament here in NOLA!!! How great is that? I'm all about trying to get some tickets too, though I don't know what I'll actually be able to. I'm not interested in buying the whole book of tickets for all the games so my plan is to go downtown Thursday night and find a scalper to sell me tickets to just the Kentucky game. We'll see how that works out for me.

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