Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars

Did anyone else watch the Academy Awards last night? I admit, its rare that I make it all the way through the entire show. I like to see the dresses and I like to watch if there are any special performances, both otherwise, I usually end up just getting online the next day to see who won. Last night however, I went to an Oscars party with some dear friends and not only did I watch the whole thing, but we were having a contest to see who could predict the most winners so I was on the freaking edge of my seat the whole night. There's nothing like making it into a competition to get me motivated to pay attention. Anyway, we had a really great evening (thank you Christy and Mike!!!) and now I will share with you my thoughts on some of the specifics.

First of all--has anyone actually seen the Hurt Locker? Can you please explain to me how in the world this movie possibly won best picture? I mean...seriously. I watched it over the weekend in preparation for Oscar night and not only was I not impressed, I thought it was an epic FAIL. Ok maybe not epic. Maybe just a regular FAIL, but still, definitely not what I would consider "Best Picture" worthy. I think maybe its just because it was about the war in Afghanistan that it won. That sounds horrible, but I can't come up with any better explanation so for the time being, I'm sticking with that.

Sandra Bullock. It wasn't any great surprise that she won Best Actress for her part in the Blind Side but still, I was happy to see that she did. And I loved her dress. I thought it was beautiful and in fact, it may have been my favorite of the whole night. I thought her acceptance speech (though a bit long winded as these things tend to be) was especially touching as well. Also also, ever since making this movie Sandra Bullock has become increasingly involved in and dedicated to the city of New Orleans. She and her husband just bought a house in the Garden District and have given a whole bunch of money to one of the schools here, she did the premier of the Blind Side at the Prytania theater which is cool...and the list goes on.

Demi. She wasn't nominated for anything but I just wanted to comment on how I hope I look half that good when I'm her age. What is she doing??? She looks like she's maybe 30 at the most. I thought her dress was pretty, but the color wasn't especially flattering since she has such pale skin. Oh and her hair was pretty "blah" but I guess when you look that good you can get away with such things.

George Clooney (or as I like to refer to him: Hottie McHotpants). I can't believe I'm saying this but I didn't think George looked quite up to par last night. He looked a wee bit tired and his hair...George, baby, do my a favor and get your hair cut. It kinda looks like you've got the beginnings of a mullet and I think we can all agree that you're better than that.

Loved these guys. The double Snuggie scene was classic.

This comment is directed at several people/outfits from last night; I just happened to come across this picture first. What in the world are you wearing??? Here's what I don't understand. These stars are beautiful human beings, they've got perfect bodies, more money than God, and a team of people who shop for and dress them--why can't they do better than this? Do they not retain some sort of veto power if their stylist comes to them with something hideous? I would. If I'm ever famous and my stylist brings me something that looks like this I'm just going to flat out refuse to put it on and be seen in public.

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  1. better not talk about Deborah's woman like that!? Hehe, I didn't realize her dress was so horrible. How did I miss that?


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