Friday, January 15, 2010

So Apparently, I Have Actual Followers

Who knew?

I started this blog back in July as a means of 1) keeping myself occupied while Zack sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for a law degree and 2) so that those friends and family back home who care to can keep up with me while I'm in the Big Easy. I seriously had no idea whether anyone would care to read anything I had to say but figured "What the heck?" and rolled with it anyway. Over the past few months I know my mom has read my blog. So has my sister. And even my Dad who at first refused to out of protest because he thought having a blog made me susceptible to being stalked by all the crazies of the world. My grandparents even read my blog.

Not that its not flattering to know the family is reading...but...well...I dunno. I guess deep down I had aspirations of bigger and better things. Like maybe someone outside the family would care to take a gander at my inner-most thoughts every once in awhile. (And by inner-most I mean the inner most thoughts that are appropriate and safe to broadcast to the world).

Well! Come to find out, I actually have a few real readers! I'm just terribly excited by this news too, because it means that someone out there actually has taken time out of their otherwise busy and probably very fulfilling day, to read about me. And let's be honest--I'm vain enough to really enjoy the thought of that! you girls who I now know are following my blog...

and THANK YOU!!!

I'm truly flattered that you enjoy it enough to stop by on occasion and promise to do my best to keep you entertained. Or at least not offend you.

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