Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting it Right

Every once in awhile, people will surprise you. In a good way. (I am no longer surprised by the stupid, rude, obnoxious or otherwise unpleasant things people do to each other anymore). I just got this e-mail from HCA corporate headquarters informing all employees that the company is donating $1 Million in cash for direct relief to the victims of the Haiti earthquake. 100% of the money is going to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. The e-mail also provided a link where HCA employees can donate directly to either of these organizations and promised to match, dollar for dollar, every donation that employees make.

I'd just like to say, way to step up to the plate HCA. Yeah I know there's lots of great PR in a move like this and all that jazz but still, not many big corporations out there today do things of this nature anymore. It makes me proud to be a part of this company.

I know where I'm sending my tithe for this month and I'm giving you the link too. If you're looking for a good cause, well, I would encourage you to think about this one...

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