Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pocket Calls

So, I got a new cell phone last week. Not because I wanted to you understand, but because it became a necessity. You know those supposedly indestructible SIM cards that cell phones have? Yeah. Well. Guess who managed to destruct hers? And I have no idea how! I was just sitting on the couch last week and I reached into my pocket to answer a text when my phone went ballistic and died right there in front of me. At least it wasn't a slow, painful drawn out affair; it was more a like one minute it was fine, the next it was deader than a doornail. Granted, I've had this phone for approximately forever and it was older than dirt, so I had known for awhile it was only a matter of time before it kicked the proverbial bucket. This was my old phone:

That's right; I was still rocking the old Samsung flip phone, baby. (You should have seen the looks on the faces of the girls at the AT&T store when I whipped that bad boy out). And I loved that phone too. I'll admit I've been kinda sorta wanting a cool new Smart phone for awhile but I also didn't know that I cared to spend the money when I had a perfectly good phone that still worked.

Anyway, once Old Phone died, I had to get something so I hightailed it down to the AT&T store and after spending an hour agonizing over the different styles and texting back and forth with my sister (who LOVES her Blackberry) I decided to go with this one. Meet Polly:

Pretty snazzy, huh? (I justified this because after the rebate and a $50 coupon I had for being "such a good customer," the phone itself was FREE to me). I should tell you here that I'm by no means a techo geek. Once I figure out how to use a new piece of technology I ride that until its dead. It's not that I'm opposed to learning how to use something new, I just...I dunno. It feels like a lot of work sometimes. I was so comfortable with my old phone that I could do just about anything on it without even looking. Not so much now. What I'm telling you is that I've got this awesome new phone and I have no earthly idea how to use it. I'm kinda figuring out texting and I think I can make phone calls but I feel like this phone still has a lot of untapped potential that I'm not using yet. Also, I feel like I'm probably doing unnecessary retarded things simply because I don't know where all the buttons are for different functions.

Case in point: As I was leaving bible study last night I got a call from my Grandad. Its always great to hear from him but I just found it random that he was calling me at 9:00 pm on a Tuesday night. Well apparently, he was returning my phone calls. Yes calls. Calls that I had no memory of making. Calls that I apparently made from my pocket because I don't yet know how to lock the keypad on this new phone and I'm so used to the old flip phone that I don't even think twice about sliding this new one into my pocket. "Yeah I saw where you had called a couple times," he told me, "And I had a voice mail that was just a bunch of static and then a hang up so I thought it might be you." Great. Not only am I making pocket calls,I'm leaving pocket voice mails too.

My point in all this is that if you get a bunch of missed calls from me in the next few days its not that I do or don't want to talk to you its just that I probably don't even realize I've called. Don't take it personally.

(And by the way, my Grandad's suggestion was just to get some pants with looser pockets). ;-)

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