Thursday, September 3, 2009

Work, work, work

Well, I've almost survived the first week of the new job! Granted, it wasn't exactly a full week (I didn't start until Tuesday and that was just orientation so technically Wednesday was my first "real" day on the job) but hey, that's still something, right? So far so good. I can tell I've got a LOT to learn but that's a good thing. I knew I that would be the case and I'm looking forward to the challenge. I've already decided you've got to be SMART...I mean, super super SMART to be the CEO/CFO of a company. Big company, small company, doesn't matter. You can't be a dummy and do the job that people in those positions do. When I was in MBA school we read some news articles and case studies about the salaries CEOs at different companies make and we had a lot of "ethical" discussions about how much is too much in terms of their compensation. Well as far as I'm concerned, after watching my new bosses for the past two days I know that if they were running my company I'd have no problem paying them a ridiculous salary! They earn it. The amount of responsibility they have is just enormous and the hours that they put in are pretty insane too.

So far, everyone I've met has been great to me. I may eat these words later but everyone seems very friendly and helpful and genuinely happy to be working there. I know that no business is perfect but the fact that I keep hearing nothing but good things about this one makes me think that there must be some truth to what these people say.

Even though I'm on the bottom of the totem pole (I am after all, the new kid) I've already gotten to enjoy one little perk of this new job too. Today at work the CEO, who is now one of my bosses, offered Zack and I his tickets to tonight's Saints game! How cool is that? Of course, we were very excited to have the chance to go to see them play (for free no less) since neither of us had ever been to a pro football game at all...much less in the Superdome so we gladly jumped on the opportunity. It was pretty darn awesome too! These seats were 26 rows off the field so we had an incredibly view. Even though it was just an exhibition game, there were a lot of people there and the atmosphere was great. Zack told me to be sure to let my boss know that we will glady take any extra tickets off his hands in the future too, if there's ever a time when he doesn't want to use them!

I promise to write in greater deatil about my job soon. I just wanted to let everyone know that its going well so far and we are still alive down here in NOLA!

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