Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry to Gross You Out But...

My hair is still falling out at an obscene rate. Also, I've developed a case of swamp foot.

First things first; my hair. I don't know what's going on. Ever since we moved down here my hair has been falling out by the hand full. I know its normal to lose something like a hundred hairs a day but this is way beyond that. This is gross. My hair is everywhere! It's all over the floors and the furniture and the bathroom vanity. I don't know how the drain in the shower hasn't completely clogged up because I know I'm losing tons of it every time I wash it. (I told you this was gross). Even Zack has noticed.

I don't know what the deal is though! I got my hair cut a few weeks ago before I started work and while I was there I asked the girl who cut it what she thought the problem might be. She blamed it on the heat and normal "summer shedding" that everyone has. I accepted that answer at first. My hair has never fallen out like this but I've also never lived in a climate as hot as this so I figured maybe she was right and it really was just my scalp's way of adapting to the change. But wouldn't you think that after nearly three months down here I would have gotten acclimated and the deluge would stop? I would. It hasn't though--if anything it's gotten progressively worse, so I'm thinking this must be something else.

Zack thinks I have some kind of vitamin deficiency. Ridiculous, I say! I've been eating all the same kinds of foods I've always eaten so I don't see how that could possibly be the case. I think this is all part of his three year campaign to get me to start taking a multi-vitamin every day. (I've never taken vitamins and I'm one of the healthiest people I know so why start now)?

So, any ideas? Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what caused it and what did you do to correct it? I'm really open to suggestions. At this rate, I'm going to be bald by Christmas.

Now, onto my swamp foot. I have self-diagnosed this but I feel pretty confident about that I'm right. Swamp foot is the first cousin to athlete's foot and in fact, biologically speaking they're one and the same. But since we live in the swamp and I think I've gotten this not from an over exertion on the playing field but just the sweating my feet now do over the course of a normal day, I have hearby dubbed it swamp foot. Can normal people submit suggestions for additions to the medical dictionary like they can for a regular dictionary? Does anyone know? If so, can we see about getting this one added?

Basically, I'm kind of falling apart.


  1. Umm, "I'm one of the healthiest people I know" and "I'm kind of falling apart" makes me wonder about how healthy most of your friends are...

    In any case, a lot of vitamin deficiencies take years to show up since your body can store massive reserves of them. Being deficient in a vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or just calorie deficient could cause hair loss. A fungal infection of the scalp can do it as well, so maybe it's the same deal as with your feet. Anything that affects hormone levels is also a likely cause.

    Actually, the list of things that can cause hair loss is massive, with things ranging from trivial to quite serious. Be sure to mention it to a doctor if it goes on or it's too bad. Go ASAP if you develop a sun-sensitive rash, or a sudden increase in appetite.

  2. Haha, you make a good point. This hair thing though is very recent and I'm otherwise healthy as a horse so I seriously doubt its any type of vitamin deficiency.


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