Sunday, August 9, 2009

Political Rant...kinda

Anyone up for a good political rant? Me too. Here goes...

There's another blog that I loosely follow, written by a girl I kinda sorta used to know way back in the day. And by way back I mean waaaaaaay back, like elementary school or so, when she came to our church for awhile. Anyway, I read this girl's blog from time to time, mostly out of a gross fascination at how completely different people can be from each other, and how ill-informed some people truly are. I'll stop short of saying I read the blog purely for comic relief because that's not the case but she continually writes things that simultaneously enrage me and yet make me feel sorry for her because of how blatantly wrong she is about a lot of stuff. She was homeschooled...that's all I'm sayin'.

Just recently she posted this blog about how "HORRIBLE" our current President is, what a "TERRIBLE" job his administration is doing and how "TERRIFIED" she is about the future of our country. She actually said that; she's terrified for her life. (The good news is, at least she's not melodramatic). You know what though? Whatever. I'm so sick of hearing uneducated, ill-informed, judgemental people criticize our President about things they have absolutely no understanding of that I don't even listen to it anymore. I could really care less. Her naivety and lowbrow tirades only serve to make her look silly and aren't worth even addressing. Besides all that, she's a Sarah Palin supporter which means that she lost 99% of her credibility with me before she even started writing.

What infuriates me though, is when people like this who are uninformed and ignorant of the topics at hand start trying to pass off their own twisted opinions as fact. That's just not cool. For example, trying to convince your readers that the Obama administration is pushing for socialization, or comparing America in the hands of President Obama to Communist China is just taking things a little too far. Certainly we're all entitled to our own opinions here but that doesn't give anyone the right to just make up falsehoods and spin them as truths. You know what I'd really love to do? I mean, I just think this would be awesome beyond belief. I'd like to round up everyone out there who thinks that we either are now, or are becoming a socialist nation, put them on a boat and send them to Communist China for awhile. Oooooh or better yet, North Korea; I hear its lots of fun over there! I'd let them chill over there for a few months, see what a true Communist or Socialist government is like then I'd dare a single one of them to have the guts to come back and even hint at the idea that the United States can be compared to places like that.

This girl is just one example, the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" if you will, but I've heard the Socialism and/or Communism argument from enough people recently that I'm starting to get just a bit fed up with it. The problem is that Socialism has become like a hot button; its just a buzz word that people hear and then repeat (thinking it makes them sound super smart--like no one's going to put one over on them) without really even knowing what it means. Is the government telling us how many children we can have? No. Does the government own or otherwise control all of the utility companies? No. Do we give everything we earn to the Government to be redistributed between all citizens equally, thereby effectively creating a classless society? No. So can we all just agree here that the U.S. is in fact still a healthy and thriving democracy where even the most uninformed citizens have the freedom to spread political slander?

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