Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm sure this will come as a huge surprise to you all, but it rained here today. Stormed actually. Much like it's done every single day since we've been here. I've never been in a place where it rained as much as it does here and I think I may be starting to mildew just a little bit. Zack and I did get something pretty cool the other day though, in an effort to try to offset the effects of all the moisture in the air down here. He's actually the one who found them when he was at Lowe's the other day; I've never seen or heard of anything like this before, so I'm thinking it must be a regional product. Anyway, it's called DampRid and its this little bucket of white flakes, vaguely reminiscent of instant mashed potatoes, that you just sit out somewhere in your house and it pulls moisture out of the air. Similar to a dehumidifier I would imagine, only way cheaper and much less obtrusive. And it really works! We put one in each of the upstairs bedrooms and its crazy how much water they've already pulled out of the air. See?

The flakes just sort of melt down and dissolve into this mushy-white-pasty-looking stuff as they take on more water until eventually I guess they just disappear altogether and you know its time to replace them.

The water that's been pulled out of the air in just the past couple of days. I estimate that to be a couple of cups at least.

Oh, get this! Zack killed a cockroach in our living room last night! Eeeeeeeeewww!!! We were sitting there watching TV after dinner and out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something moving along the base of the TV stand. Zack said he didn't see anything and tried to pretend like I was just imagining the whole thing so that he didn't have to get up and go on a bug raid right in the middle of his show. I kept watching though and sure enough, a few minutes later a big old cockroach came crawling out from behind the TV and scurried across the floor! I don't really get too hot and bothered by bugs or spiders or lizards or anything like that, but seriously, is there a dirtier or disgusting bug in the whole world than a cockroach? I don't think so. I've seen them all over the place down here since we moved, but this is the first one I've seen in the house. Now I'm kinda paranoid that they're really all in the walls and under the floorboards and everything and we just don't realize it yet. Uuuuggghh!

On a completely unrelated though probably no more exciting note, Zack and I went to Baton Rouge this afternoon. Several people have told us that New Orleans is so unique its really not a good representation of what the rest of the state is like, so I was very curious to see what it would be like to get outside the city. I liked it! Of course, it was pouring down rain the whole time we were there so all we could do was drive around and sight see from inside the car but from what we saw, it looks like a nice city. Definitely much more moderna nd commercialized than NOLA. We drove through LSU's campus (and while it pains me to say this about another SEC school) it was actually very pretty. It will never compare to UK in my mind of course, but nice nonetheless. We also saw the state capitol which was a really weird looking building. It's actually very pretty too, but I've never seen another capitol building shaped like this at all; its really tall and skinny. Kentucky definitely wins out in that category too.

I left Zack downstairs doing the dishes so probably I should go check on him. I hope everyone feels sufficiently caught up on the nitty-gritty details of our life now. Happy Saturday!

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