Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think I feel this need to say something really big and substantial and important every time I write. Like I owe you something; like...since you took the time to ready this blog I should do my best to make it worth your while. Unfortunately, there are just some days where I dont have anything big, substantial or important to say. Like that one time when I rembled on about how the Whole Foods here smells like hotdogs. Remember that one? Yeah... Clearly I was struggling for content that day.

Since I have nothing earth shattering or profound to share with you at the moment, I'll just update you on my life in general and then later on, should something deep and/or philisophical come to me, I will be sure to get those thoughts down in writing too, ASAP. Pinkie promise.

Mostly, I am staying fantastically busy and I love it. Work consumes an 8-ish hour block of my time every day of course, but in addition to that I've just got a lot going on and much to be thankful for these days. First, there's studying for the CPA exam. Did I mentioned that I'm doing that? Well if forgot to tell you...I'm studying for the CPA exam. I'm taking a class that meets from 8-5 every Saturday (from January until June) and while I know that sounds like an absolute party...really its not as exciting as you'd think, once you get down to it. Yeah I know. It surprised me too, what with the reputation CPAs have for being such wild party animals and all. (That's all I'm going to say about that for now and if you ever mention the CPA exam to me again before I bring it up I will promtly tune you out).

Let's see...what else? Remember that Bible study I told you about back in the Fall? That has started back up and I'm so darn thankful for that group of girls that I can hardly stand it. I feel confident in saying that as a whole, this group is one of the best things to ever happen to me--not just here in New Orleans--in my life. I love them and I feel so blessed that I found such an amazing group. In fact, here's a picture of (part of) the group that we took this past Sunday at Easter brunch. We are missing a few here, but don't tell me these girls don't look like some of the most fun and amazing women you've ever laid eyes on!

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