Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Banana Bread Perfection

I have the most exciting news ever. Or at least the most exciting news so far today (and maybe yesterday too). I'm pretty sure that I have discovered the trick to making the most perfect banana bread in the history of the world. Period. The end. You can just stop looking because if you think you're going to find something better you won't. I'm sorry.

I can't give you the actual recipe because its not technically mine to give but I think this discovery is so universally magnificent that it will work with anything.

Are you ready for this?

Hold on to your socks...

The trick is to use twice as many bananas as the recipe actually calls for and they have absolutely got to be rotten. I'm serious. I've always heard that you're supposed to use over-ripe bananas that are bordering on rotten but I'm thinking now that you need to go on and push the envelope a little further and go for full-on decay.

These in the picture technically aren't even ripe enough I don't think. The ones I used last night have been sitting in my kitchen for so long I can't remember when I bought them and frankly, the peels had started to mold a little bit on the outside I think (ew). (Basically, wait until they reach a point where there's no way you'd still eat them, then let them sit for another couple weeks and you should be good to go). They were not only mushy to the touch, they basically fell apart when I picked them up. As I started to peel them I thought to myself, "Self, there's no way these are going to be any good still." Wrong, wrong wrong!

My recipe called for two ripe bananas and I used four rotten ones. Best banana bread I've ever made.

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