Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The job search

I'd really, realllly like to find a job. I had no idea this would be as difficult or time consuming as its been so far. I honestly thought that with two business degrees (and good ones at that) finding a job when I graduated would be teddy bear soup. I know that the economy is kinda struggling right now and not as many people are hiring, and all that jazz. I got it. But there are plenty of jobs still out there--I know because I've applied to all of them! Here's what doesn't make sense to me though; I apply to somewhere between 5 and 50 jobs every day, which I've been doing for the past two weeks, and I'm not even getting called to interview! If I kept going to interviews and not getting picked then I would assume either a) I wasn't what they were looking for or b) I'm a moron and said or did something during the interview to scare them away. But no. I'm not even getting called to interview for the jobs that I'm really way over-qualified for. How does that make sense? If I were an employer and I got my resume in the mail, I'd at least call me to come in and discuss things in person.

Aside from the fact that this town would be a heck of a lot more fun if I had an income and thus money to spend on the fun stuff, I'm beginning to get pretty darn bored. I don't do well at having a lot of downtime. I have the attention span of oh...roughly a four-year-old, so I need constant stimulation. I like to be going and doing almost non-stop and when I can't...well, I just get downright unpleasant to be around after awhile! And while you may think that sitting at my computer filling out job applications for hours on end would be more than enough mental stimulation to keep me'd be wrong. It isn't.

I actually did have one interview last week. It went really well, so I'm disappointed that it's a job I'm way over-qualified for and the pay is lousy. Zack and I sat down and worked out a little budget of our monthly fixed expenses last night and we determined that at the salary this job offers, we could only afford to live until about September every year, and then we'd run out of money. Not a good scenario. Needless to say, that probably isn't the job for me which is unfortunate because like I said, the interview itself went really well.

I have thought about getting a part-time job, at least temporarily while I continue the Great Job Search of '09. I'm thinking something that would be evenings/weekends that would leave me free during the day to schedule interviews and take phone calls from potential employers. I have to assume that anything other than going back to serving at a restaurant would be minimum wage, but that would be $7.25 more per hour than I'm making now so...

And yes, I could go back to serving and probably make pretty decent money given that this town is absolutely food-crazy and everyone goes out to eat almost every night. And it may come to that, at least for awhile, but I certainly hope not. As much as I really enjoyed the whole restaurant experience (and I did) the server lifestyle is one that I don't miss at all, nor is it conducive to establishing a "family" atmosphere around here. Working until midnight or later was fun while I was in school, but its much less appealing now that I know I could be at home spending that time with Zack. Besides that, I've been in school for the past eighteen years, and college for the past five! I went to graduate school for goodness sake! I don't want to go back to a job that I could be doing without even a high school diploma. I don't think it's asking to much to want to put at least some of what I've been learning for the past few years into practice.

Zack keeps telling me (and I know he's right) that I just need to have faith and be patient--that the right job will come along when I least expect it. He says that God's not going to let us starve to death, and that He'll give me the perfect job in His own sweet time. Like I said, I know he's right and I do need to just calm down and be patient. It's so hard to do that sometimes though!

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