Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's hottttttttttttt

I've decided that the people down here are absolutely nuts. For the past two days the weather has been some of the more miserable I have personally ever experienced, but they seem to love it. I don't even understand how people can enjoy weather like this--I'm doing my best just to not die every time I go outside. The temperature has been 98 both days, with scattered rain and humidity that's got to be bordering on 100%. Granted I'm discovering a lot to like about this city but I don't believe the weather is, or ever will be one of those things. I'm the most cold natured person I know--I mean, I am always cold, so for me to be mentioning the heat at all, much less complaining about it, is really something. Back home I used to go running every afternoon when I got home from school or work, so anywhere from 2:00 in the afternoon to 6:00 at night. During the summer running a few miles in the middle of the day like that was hottttt, but most times I never even broke a sweat. Yesterday my t-shirt was soaked through by the time I walked from our front door to the street to get in my car. It's a distance of oh, I dunno...roughly fifty feet.

Like a lot of things in life though, the weather is one of those that you can't really do much about so I suppose I'd be well served to just accept that this is what it is and move on. They tell us that its really quite pleasant here nine months out of the year. Of course, I no longer trust the opinion of anyone who is from here when it comes to the weather, but we'll see how it is in a month or two.
Now, as promised, here are pictures of the rest of the cottage...
This is the second bedroom upstairs, which Zack is going to use as a home office when it comes time to study for all of his big, bad law school tests.The only cute part of the bathroom (and thus, the only thing worth putting a picture of online) the built in linen cabinet.
The loft area upstairs which I have filled with my desk, bookshelf, and make-up table.

Why yes, that is an autographed poster from the X-files movie "I Want to Believe," hanging at the top of our stairs. Thank you for noticing.

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  1. Is that a spare computer I see on the floor? It's a good thing you all have one of those--just in case.


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