Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Trees Part II

*Someone* has been so busy studying for finals that we just got around to getting a Christmas tree this past week. I was starting to worry that we weren't even going to have one but lo and behold, Thursday night we mustered up the energy to drag ourselves to Lowe's when I got home from work. Given the limited amount of space we have in the living room we opted for a much more petite tree than I'm used to but once we got him home and situated in the corner, I must admit he's pretty darn cute.

Meet Allan.

I named my Christmas tree Allan? You're darn right I did. The picture is a bit blurry and this is pre-ornament donning, but you get the idea. What a stud, huh? (Check out our ghetto fabulous newspaper and tree stand. We somehow managed to forget the tree skirt when we moved and decided that we like a more "rustic look anyway" so we've yet to buy a replacement. Also, I'm really cheap).

Unlike my parents lame artificial tree, Allan is the real deal. Our entire downstairs now smells like pine tree and Christmas which I happen to love.

The other thing I love about this tree?


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